I know how the shapewear clings

Happy Sunday curvy curlies! I hope your weekend has been full of fun in the summer sun with iced libations, good folks and loose clothes. And I stress comfy, loose clothes, because us curvy girls need a damn break from compression garments and support bras and whatnot.

Listen, I am all things #bodypositive, but I believes in a good foundation ministry. These boobs, booty and thighs need to be girded up sometimes. Amen.

The thing is, body shapers can be exhausting. Ladies, holla if you hear me! The energy and aptitude it takes to get into a spandex suit is crazy. And I'm not talking about the cute, little ones you wear under a dress. Have you ever tried to wedge yourself into a full body garment for a smooth pants situation? Sheer torture - a sometimes, necessary torture, but cruel and unusual, in my opinion. And who the heck designed the crotch hole?! LordT! Can ANYone actually have a successful health break through that hole? I'm serious, please share your success stories, cause I'm not convinced. I have spent entirely too much time in public restrooms peeling myself out of a girdle to relieve my, ahem, bladder.

My mission in life is to either discover or design undergarments that do not; roll up or down, cut off circulation, contribute to an incontinence problem, or crush ribs.

Stay tuned ...