honor the light in you

Hi curvy curlies! I just completed a self-imposed, 21 day, yoga challenge.  I decided to encourage myself to breathe, stretch and meditate - daily, without excuse. It was far from easy, but I love how I felt attempting to twist myself into poses my brain couldn't quite fathom. The meditation came easily for me because I was able to empty my mind of any thoughts that did not directly contribute to me holding a position. There is a peaceful, calming space inside of us; I was delighted to spend the last three weeks in mine. 

While the benefits of meditating were immediate, the posing profits have been slower to realize, but I am stronger! I am committed to a better me. I want to feel better. I want to look better. I want move better. And man, do I want to sleep better. Yoga is a new friend that I plan on getting to know intimately.