identity politics

The beauty of creating my own blog is having a space to express my opinions on things I adore, dislike and/or am troubled by.  The beauty of having been on this earth for four decades and having a blog, is the comfort and freedom in said expression, even when my opinions do not line up with everyone else's. This might be one of those blogs...

I've already indicated my age, so I think it’s safe to say there aren’t many personalities that I haven’t encountered; Mr. Johnny Come Lately, Mr. Know It All, Mr. Fence Straddler (aka take no stance), and Mr. Privileged (and Mrs.) run me all the way low - they move through this world in a detached, self-absorbed bubble, completely nescient to issues that do not directly touch their homes or lives – which is crazy because we are all in this thing together. BUT let me not be sidetracked.  What irks me to the core about some of these privileged folk is, so much of it is pseudo privilege anyway.  Like, you really believe you are smarter than/superior to because you have access to some things that don’t even belong to you. Child please.

Then there’s Mr. & Mrs. Culture Jacker. They love the music, the food, the energy, the "movement", etc. But listen, when the ish hits the fan, they goeS completely mute. Where's all that down for the cause, sis/bro stuff when it really matters?! And in case you don't know when it really matters, it matters, really, when our men and boys are being killed without consequence. It matters when there are calls for action that require cross cultural involvement. 

I have been sitting on these words for a couple of weeks because I was hoping to have a strategy to accompany my rant. The best I can offer is to start with me - my authentic, human loving self. I do not have an identity crisis. I stand for what is right and fair. I stand for justice for all of my brothers and sisters. I stand for civil rights. I stand for being the change I want to see. This may all sound cliché-ish, but I don't care. We all play a role in this show. This is it folks, the curtain is up!