be the change you want to see

Hi curvy curlies! I trust you are well. I've been indulging in holiday treats, buying black and decking my halls with Christmas cheer.

Over the last few days, I have had several discussions about the #fergusondecision and how "we" should respond. In the spirit of transparency, I will admit, I am conflicted on a few levels.

I believe the grand jury's decision was RIDICULOUS and another reminder of how worthless the lives of brown boys are, in this country. I comprehend the outrage demonstrated in MO, but I DO NOT condone the destruction of our businesses/communities/property. On the other hand, I do know, when a powder keg is sparked, it BLOWS!

I've seen a lot of posts and heard  chatter about boycotting "black friday" and "buying black" on cyber Monday. Come Tuesday morning, what's the plan?

Supporting small, black businesses for Christmas gifts and cute baubles is one thing, but how do we organize and strategize to (continue) recycling  our dollars and build? Build sustainable models of success that include; co-ops, academic and financial institutions, exemplary customer service, and quality goods. And to be clear, encouraging my folk to recycle dollars by investing in us, is not intrinsically anti-white. It is simply, pro-black. I want to have a real dialogue about this.