the blessing of "no"

Perceived "rejection" is a hard pill to swallow. An unextended job offer, postponed meet ups with friends, unanswered solicitations...

Delayed gratification is challenging, however, "no" or "not right now" can be a tremendous blessing - to the giver AND receiver.

This is a lesson that will repeat itself throughout our tenure here on earth. What I have learned, is, the “no” whether malicious or not, is often for our own good. Moreover, we have to be prepared to be the deliverer of that dreaded two-letter word, from time to time. There is a lot of self-love in the word no.

This week has presented a few opportunities to think higher and believe the “no” is for my good. The hardest part in accepting the denied requests was the delivery of the answer. I had to literally take a few deep breaths and remember the more “no’s” I push through (funky delivery notwithstanding); the closer I am to “YES”!

Here’s what I know for sure, the Creator’s plans for me are to prosper me. His plans are to give me hope and a future. Harm is not included in His plans (Jeremiah 29:11). And even in the darkness of “no”, sitting in the discomfort, I reach out for the Creator even more (Psalm 119:71).

This week, I am reminded, denials from earthly resources are simply delays from the Source.