delicious hidden treasure

Nappy Sunday curvy curlies! I hope the day is treating you well. I'm in a great space, having just wrapped an energizing and productive meeting with Shana Giles of The Glamour Life. We talked all things; women in business, networking and social media. 

Shana and I decided to meet at a place centrally located between us and happened upon a gem of a breakfast spot, in Marina Del Rey, called Cafe Buna. Cute spot with interesting artwork, amazing food, free wifi, great service AND owned by a curly girl!  

I first noticed a naturalista on the cover of the menu. Then, I saw a sista who was clearly running the show. I was too excited to meet Karen Ball, the owner of what looks to be a thriving LA eatery - if the line out the door is any indication! Karen was cool, professional and made an immediate recommendation to connect with other women in business on social. This networking thing is where it's at, folks.

Forgive me for not posting a photo of my meal, but I literally dove into my fig omelette before I remembering to snap! If you're ever in the Marina, or even if you aren't, you should find your way to Cafe Buna. You will not be disappointed.