queens in a trough

I have been trying to compose this blog for a few days. My original intent was to express my heartbreak about a recording artist (who shall remain nameless) stupid and/or arrogant and/or ignorant enough to tweet his imbecilic ideas on rape. Lord help us. I won't give that situation anymore energy - the networks are handling - quite appropriately. *sips tea*

I do feel compelled to spend a lil time on this here topic - these trashy, brain damaging, misogynistic "reality" television shows. 

Now, I won't front, I have been completely hooked on some of this foolishness, but this past Monday night, I pulled the plug. I watched Stebbie J and Hoseline (just writing em as I hear em) make (what looked to be drug induced) fools out of themselves in front of a bunch of people, cameras and the viewing audience. I actually cried watching the LHHATL reunion. Do ANY of these folks have loved ones who hold them accountable? And before you tell me, the only folks around are sycophants and hangers on, let me tell you, those few little dollars ain't gone last always. Fame is fleeting and so are fair weather friends. I wish these folks and their families could grab a hold of that. 

As a woman promoting love of self and each other, the self-hate displayed on that stage (and behind the scenes) vexed my spirit. For real, I had a soul ache, watching. The language and subject matter - he ate this and she sucked that. Really?! That's how we talk ladies? Then the hair pulling and kicking and screaming, WHY/HOW does this qualify as entertainment? The first time it happened, mmmk, it was shocking, but it has been done to death now. Wake up, people. These networks and producers are making a GANG of money off your buffoonery. Stop the exploitation! It's embarrassing and it's sad. I want better for us. WE have to want better for us. We have to do better for us.