funky world funk

There is a stench in the universe.

It is the foul odor of darkness. The funk of hatred. The putrid aroma of racism. Frankly, I'm tired of it. Actually, it is literally making me sick. My sleep is disrupted. My eyes are red and tired from the constant sting of tears. My head hurts and my anxiety is sky-high. I am suspicious of strangers. In my head, I am Macgyver - constantly purveying my surroundings for tools to construct weapons. Yesterday I rode the train to a live music event and as folks entered and walked by, I used my Terminator-like eye scan to assess for crazy.

*heavy sigh* This is no way to live, but this is the world we live in.

I am beyond grieved about the massacre in Charleston. Trying to reconcile how a hate-filled, racist jackhole sat in bible study for an hour then opened fire, has depleted most of my rationale. I am angry. I am despondent. I am weary. Is this what we have to look forward to until the return of Christ?! 

One of the things that really chaps my hide is the chatter from ignorant folks about how a black POTUS is, in some way, responsible for this. Oh. Y'all thought we didn't know you were having those thoughts and discussions?! We know.

Here's the thing, Obama's termS have really just pulled the masks off of you undercover, racist bastards. So, cheers to that! I'd much rather be aware, than in the dark, but I digress...

This morning in my devotion and prayer time, I asked the Creator to show His mighty hand. I asked Him for a real revelation of His power. He reminded me about the Charleston's survivors and their expressions of forgiveness. Whoa. That one little thought cracked the window and let some light in. ThAt's God, my friends.