phantom fights

Hey curvy curlies! I have been so busy juggling opportunities, I have had little time to sit and write about them. Earlier this month I hosted a super fun paint and sip with A Toast 2 Artistry and I recently returned from a fantastic trip to the Caribbean. It was work, but there was plenty of fun in the sun, water AND rum punch, mon! I have been enjoying this season of wins so much, I had no time, and zero energy to acknowledge or even recognize the phantom fights happening around me.

What is a phantom fight, you ask? Good question. A phantom fight is a shadow boxing match between haters and your successes. It is 12 rounds of an imaginary pugilistic competition with them and your triumphs. The funny part is, those of us maintaining lane integrity and working our program, are usually clueless there's a heavyweight (apparently championship) match going on. We are in the bliss of ignorance as it relates to the dark forces plotting our demise until, inevitably, one of their blueprints is compromised. Usually the people struggling with our greatness, smile in our presence, then attempt to create discord once they leave us. No matter how covert the haters are in their tactics, envy, hate and insecurity have a way of leaking out - all over everything.

Welp, folks, here's a PSA: Haters gon' stay mad. I will never apologize for my gifts. I will not dim my light.  I will not minimize the influence I have or the energy I bring to any experience. I will continue to celebrate God's favor, loudly.

Here's what I know for sure; when your energy is open and engaging, folks will be attracted to your light - like moths to a flame. That attraction may result in a friendship, business opportunity, or seasonal encounter of some kind. You will not have to work to manufacture authentic trust connections. Relationships, love, people and opportunities will find their way to you - organically. So. I'm going to keep collecting these wins and these life lessons. I encourage you to do the same. Be great!