curvy curlies all up in a man's world

There's so much yummy, caramel, chocolate, curvy curly goodness in Get On Up, I had to take a moment to express my excitement about this film! Get On Up is the James Brown biopic, starring Chadwick Boseman, curvy girl, Octavia Spencer, curlfriend, Viola Davis and curvycurly,  Jill Scott.

From all of the accounts I've read about this film, Chadwick embodies a surreal enthusiasm and spirit of the Godfather of Soul. CGNC is thrilled to acknowledge Mr. Brown's soulful contribution to American history, and to salute what is certain to be a fascinating portrayal of his life, as brought to the big screen by these amazing artists.

Please support Get On Up, set for nationwide release, this Friday, August 1st. Check out the trailer below:


dear white people

NEWSFLASH: "Dear white people: please stop touching my hair, does this look like a petting zoo to you?" "Dear White People" is a satire about the students of Winchester University,  an Ivy League establishment of higher learning. The film focuses on the racial discussion and dynamics these students experience.

Set for release in October of this year, "Dear White People" has already garnered a huge social following and considerable interest, after it's showing and win at Sundance.

I think the film will be funny, enlightening and an absolute discussion piece. A huge CurvyCurly girl shout out to Ashley Blaine Featherson, Teyonah Parris, and Tessa Thompson for their performances! LOVE to see curlfriends on the big screen.

Check out the trailer below:

yay for yaya!

If looks tell a story, these glimpses of curly girl, Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston are on point! There has been lots of chatter about how Nippy's family feels about this movie, but the jury is out until the film is released.

CGNC is here to celebrate our natural sister in a leading role about one of the world's greatest gifts. Yaya, we salute you!