purpose driven

Hi curvy curlies! I pray you are facing the new week with anticipation, energy and hope!

Over the last several days, I've had a few conversations about self-talk, external messages and purpose. Good or bad, these 3 things contribute to how we walk this life thing out.

I believe external messages (media, family and friends, etc.) start our self-talk narratives. Often, the dialogue is less than flattering; I'm too fat, I can't do it like she did, I wish, but ...

Stop it!! If you think it, so it is. Rebuke self esteem crushing media. Listen, those little girls walking the runway are sucking on cotton balls. Child please! We have to break out of the European standard of beauty. And this message goes beyond aesthetics, but as women, we are being punched in the face by these images constantly. Take caution what you let in.

Change your self-talk. Encourage yourself. All of us have a God-inspired/ordained purpose! Tap into it! We insult the Creator by living below our potential. God has created ALL of us to do a special and unique thing in the universe, and check this out, it isn't all about Your pleasure, or Your happiness, or Your wealth.  What do you do to serve your community? How does your life edify others? What legacy will you leave behind? I am determined to be more than a tunnel visioned woman, living in a box of 9-5. I want EVERY good thing God has for me and I am convinced those blessings are unlocked in My Purpose, USA. I am pursuing purpose and intentional joy, won't you join me?