life lessons vol. II

Happy Sunday lovies. I pray that you are in a good space today. Know that no matter what "it" looks like, the Creator has already made provision. Be encouraged. I've had to encourage myself over the last week, and in doing so, I've made the following observations:

  • God is bigger than the church. God is bigger than ANY denomination. God is bigger than doctrine. God is not dogma. Get to know Him.
  • I can show you better than I can tell you. Actions often speak much louder than words. Sometimes people do not comprehend simple words, even after they have been repeated. Do not continue to allow your voice to fall on deaf ears. SHOW and prove.
  • Make provisions for lazy people. Provide as much intel as possible - links, directions, etc. Apparently Google has not been discovered by everyone.
  • Cute for a cause resonates - have a purpose. CGNC has had an amazing response to the Breast Cancer Awareness products. Designing items with "think pink" in mind was natural, having a mother who is a survivor. I am very pleased the public has received them so well. Let's all do our part to stay engaged and informed and work to find cures for these diseases that affect so many of us.