life lessons vol. I

Happy Sunday, sweet peas! I hope you are pursuing joy today!

I've had a few challenging weeks, so I'm taking a few minutes to reflect, do a bit of self analysis/evaluation of the activities I'm participating in, as well as the people I am exchanging energy with.

Here are a few of my observations - life lessons, if you will.

• First things first, I'm da realest. 

• There will be moments you feel utterly alone in a room/house/world full of people.  You're never alone, the Creator is ever present.

• We are made in the Creator's image, so we're all smokin hot! Celebrate all the good your body does for you and the universe.

• When you start walking in your purpose, EXPECT to walk alone (for a spell). Admiration, encouragement and support will come, just maybe not in the form or from the sources you would have imagined. Oh well. Some life lessons are tough, but build character.

• Life is too short for road rage. Seriously, if you don't feel and/or hear crashing, keep it pushing. That ding dong who cut you off just might have a real psychological issue. Ain't nobody got time for crazy in the street, k.

• Be present, and mindful.