if you build it, they will come

By "it", I mean, it and by "they" I mean it. What I'm saying is, if you build a platform for your dream to flourish, people will support AND creativity will flow. So the IT is the platform and the THEY is/are the creative ideas and supporters. Now, to be clear, everyone will not be in your corner. There will be naysayers aplenty. Some of them will be bold enough to speak their weak criticism and discouragement directly to you. Most will chatter amongst themselves. They matter not.

Back to building this space …

I never really considered myself creative. Smart, yes. Organized, very. Stylish, hell yes. But creative was not a word I would use to describe myself. That is, until I started to pursue my entrepreneurial urges. Since Curvy Girl N Curls' website, fundraising campaign (http://www.gofundme.com/7cc8tw) and social sites were launched, my imagination is uncontainable. I literally wake up in the middle of the night to jot down ideas that come in my sleep. For years, I used social sites like FB and twitter to release my imaginative energy. It was only after, much prodding and encouragement from colleagues, family, and friends that I started the actual work of building my blog space/brand/platform/website. What I know for sure is other people can sometimes discern a talent in us, that we don't see ourselves. OR we are hesitant due to fear and uncertainty. Nobody and I mean nobody builds a successful business/life/relationship operating in fear. Fear is a paralyzing agent.  When we open ourselves to others, we open ourselves to the universe and limitless growth opportunities. Last week, I had what I think is an amazing idea for a special edition tee. The thought was so creative and yummy and good, I honestly could not wrap my head around how to execute it. I was thinking that I was thinking too big. Just one email to a fellow big thinker and production begins next week!

Be encouraged dreamers and big thinkers. Connect with folks who have done what you aspire to do. Lean on and glean positive vibes from people who build you up, even in your preparation stage.