you skerred or nah?

I’m sitting in a cloud of John Coltrane and Gregory Porter after learning of Ruby Dee’s death. Something about this jazzy music reminds me of her. I loved her. She was a great. A great actress. A great activist. A great example of a loving wife. A great displayer of love for humanity. 

When Maya Angelou passed a few weeks ago, I asked “who’s next?” Today I’m wondering, what scares you? One of my favorite Ruby Dee quotes, is “God make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear.” It’s time to move, folks. Step out of your comfort zone. Walk away from fear. I pray that you will continue to be so haunted by your calling that you run into your destiny with reckless abandon! We need you. The world is starving for that thing that exists in your creative soul. Do it. Take your position as this generation’s Maya and the next Ruby.

Rest in paradise, queen.