my intentional awareness

Hi curvy curlies! First, let me express my gratitude for the love. Y'all da best!

As I was getting dressed this morning, I noticed how my style has evolved into much more Afrocentric than ever. Ankara accessories and head wraps have become a part of my daily wardrobe. In fact, I feel naked without a piece of afrochic jewelry on my wrists. I've even started to create my own pieces. 

It is no coincidence that on my journey back to natural hair, I have become more conscious about my heritage, my spirituality and my expression of the two. How can I embrace myself - the way the creator designed me, and not become more enlightened about my ancestry? It is natural for me to feel more connected to the motherland in my natural state. And I love all things motherlandISH - the colors, rich history, sounds, skin tones, curvy bodies and whatnot.

What's amazing is, as I connect to my roots, there is an organic (more intimate) linking to the creator. God has constructed us so magnificently, if we could get a small (clear) glimpse of ourselves, the self-love would overflow. Love on yourself today. Get to know you better.




Headwrap - CurvyGirls N Curls YT

Blazer - Ralph Lauren

Jeans - Gap

Sandals - Isola

Earrings - Simply Cecily

Bracelet - African imports