I like to describe my style as afro/boho chic. There's something comfortable, funky and stylish (IMO) about flowy printed fabrics, head wraps and cross body bags. I love a maxi skirt, jean jacket and a high top camoflage chuck. Ankara skirts and chambray tops with stiletto clogs do it for me, too.

I've  intentionally avoided the word "colorful", but did I really need to spell it out? When you think crown covering, do you think, drab and lifeless? "Ankara" provokes visions of reds, yellows and greens, doesn't it? Is it just me?

As my style evolved over the years, pops of color found their way into my daily fits. There's something about bright hues that instantly lift my mood. My closet is full of fuscia, orange, purple, yellow, and blues.  I love to rock a green eyeliner and a red lip - just because. You should try it. Indulge in a hot pink lip or a turquoise pedicure, when you're feeling down. Honey, I promise those happy little toes will smile up at you every time you take a peek at them.

This week, in celebration of summer's arrival, I decided to rock yellow as my p.o.c. Believe me when I tell you, my light shined everywhere I went - and if y'all didn't notice, it's cool. I was shining and smiling on the inside!