soul food

Hi curvy curlies! And a great big, juicy kiss to the brethren who love us! We 'preciate y'all.

If you've been following my social sites, you already know last weekend's shenanigans were all things BET Awards. Hear me when I e-tell you, there were lots of shenanigans, and I mean lots. There were also some amazing panel discussions in the form of the BET Experience, Genius Talks. Bravo, BET! To have shared the same air, time and space with the likes of Bill Withers and Nikki Giovanni, was the stuff bucket lists are made of. Which begs the question, why were there only a few of us sharing that air and space?

The fact that these, sort of, soulful Ted Talks exist, but aren't, in my opinion, geniusly marketed, is problematic for me. The basketball bleachers were full. The indoor and outdoor performance stages had large audiences, even with one sound system after the next competing with only 20 feet between them. There was no shortage of young ladies with "VIP" credentials, milling about in obscenely mini dresses and six inch heels. Soooo folks knew this experience was happening, but the spitting of some knowledge from living legends was clearly not a priority for attendees and dare I intimate, the host of the weekend.

Listen, I'm all for a good time. Some good music, sports, food, and social interaction - it's good for the soul, but when and how does your soul get fed, nourished, even, when sustenance is at the bottom of the list?

I’m clear that I am sounding my age. I have fallen, kicking and screaming into my forties. Don't get it twisted, doe, I gets a turn up spirit er' now and then! However, even at 25, I would not have missed an opportunity to sit at the feet of genius. It concerns me that so many of my sisters and brothers are enamored with the trashy television that glamorizes the nouveau riche involved in on air fights and sex galore. These misogynistic lyrics that women are rocking out to, is equally distressing. Ladies, when you’re listening to and signing “these hoes ain’t loyal”, who y’all singing to? Are you singing to yourselves? You singing to your sisters? Wth? We cannot continue to Spike Lee-glide through this thing, numb to these messages. WAKE UP!! I am not suggesting that we have to be bottom of the ocean deep all of the time, but, get some balance. Fill up on some good ole soul food – take a class, watch a documentary, visit a place you have never been, spend some time in prayer and meditation. Take good care of the one you there is. Be discriminate in what you open your spirit to.