top shelf

You ever wake up feeling angst but, can't quite put your finger on the source? You do a mental checklist - hmmm, not that. Not that. Is it that? Nope, not that..ohhhh yeahhhh, that thing.

Once the thing is identified, our tendency is to sit in it. Wallow. Bathe in the disappointment/stress/sadness. But why?! We have to think higher! Reach for the top shelf solution. Even the "little things" require higher thinking, because when you string the "little things" together, they make up the big thing. The big picture. The big idea. Feel me? 

I'm going to think higher. Reach for top shelf solutions. Didn't get the promotion - shine brighter. Bad hair day - funky headwrap. Traffic jams - walk to work days. Rude customers/service people/associates/colleagues - pray for peace. LOL. Think higher! 

Thinking higher does require some effort, but don't most challenging endeavors? Higher thinking segues into higher living. Higher loving. A higher existence. I sure want one.