blooms of hope

Life is not a peaceful, perfect journey. It isn't. There are moments of bliss and moments of utter sadness. There will be amazing, euphoric highs and death valley lows. There will be days of intense pressure and weeks of easy living. I know, I done had em all. 

I am currently in the eye of a raging stress storm - in a moment by moment battle of fight or flight.  Don't trip though, I will win! I just get tired sometimes.

Today the Creator gave me the sweetest gift. My support system knew I was feeling some kind of way and they began praying for me. In different time zones, in different prayer cadences, I'm sure, but praying.  Then I saw it! Fresh blooms on an orchid I thought was dying. Those pretty, little, purple blooms made it so plain. As long as our roots are watered, we can continue to bloom. The breath I just took - filled with promise. The beat of my heart - the rhythm of purpose. Those orchid blossoms - hope staring me in the face.