healing hands

Happy hump day curvy curlies! I just touched down in the lone star state and I'm sooo happy to be on my way to mom's house. It's time for a little cocoa butter on my heart and mind.

Fort Worth is easily 20 degrees warmer than it is in southern Cali, so I'm super grateful, my girl Britta hooked me up with a fly, effortless, protective style for this trip. Not only is this hair cute and easy, the process is very relaxing and soothing to me. Britta's fingers and knuckles are cocoa butter on my scalp - LOL! Seriously, I could sleep the entire time she works on my hair.

It dawned on me, a part of that serenity, is the sense of nostalgia. Sitting in her chair, while she braids my hair, I'm transported to my grandmother's kitchen. I can smell the pressing comb getting hot and the palmers oil on my scalp (y'all don't know nothing about that). I always leave Britta's presence feeling better/inspired/lifted.

I hope you ladies and gentlemen are making sure to spend time in the presence of folk who edify you. Healing, light and love can come from anywhere. Be open. Let your soul get soothed. Thanks B!







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