music moves me

So, driving to work this morning, I was rocking out to my #curvygirlsncurls playlist on Spotify (y'all should check it out) and I noticed the driver next to me, in a full-on stare. What chu looking at?! You don't enjoy tunes in your vehicle? I don't get people who can't/don't loosen up when good music is heard. Have you no soul? Do you not feel that thang in your spirit? I guess not. *shrugs* It distresses me to watch an amazing performer, sing their face off to people in a venue who are too bound to give it up. Just sit there, legs crossed, hands in lap. What is that about? 

I've been at show after show, and showcase after showcase, in rooms full of people who claim to love music, but barely even clap a hand (unless directed to). Maybe it's the black church experience in me, but I cannot have my ears blessed with fab melodies and not bless the singer in return. I am guilty of clapping, giving shout outs and standing up during concerts. Actually, just yesterday, a "sAng boy!" escaped in the middle of a performance and one of my colleagues asked "are you screaming at him?" *eye roll* Hell yeah I'm screaming, can you hear him?!

I don't know, maybe I am over thinking it; I just believe music is medicine. It is a soothing, healing, transcendent balm and we should feel it and celebrate it anywhere. Everywhere.