booty therapy; c'est magnifique!

Hi curvy curlies! I trust you are Saturday happy, doing whatever it is you want to be doing. I am sitting on my couch resting my body, after a super fun night of exercising with a group of curlfriends. 

Last night, a few L.A. naturalistas met up, in the Athleta store at the Grove for a romp shaking good time, in the form of BOOTY THERAPY!

Booty Therapy is an inspired workout from Paris, France, that infuses African and Brazilian dances, combined with the rhythmic sounds of world music. The instructor is a remarkable curvy curly who believes, with booty therapy, you can “shake away all your worries.” Maimouna Coulibali encourages women to move their bodies in a way that celebrates the whole being and releases years of trauma we have carried internally. Too often, our natural, intuitive movement/being/energy is sexualized. Maimouna teaches her students to reject that distorted narrative and rock out the way our hips and booties are created to! I had a fantastic time and an even better workout. I walked away from booty therapy feeling beautiful, free and sexy. If you ever have the opportunity to experience this class, DO NOT pass it up!