the art of active shut uppage

Everything does not require articulation. At least, that's what I've been told. Actually, I believe it, just haven't mastered the technique of biting my tongue in every situation. Let me give you some scenarios where activating a shut up in my spirit are challenging for me ...

When the honey (or anyone else) is driving, and clearly doesn't know the most direct/time efficient route to get us to our destination - my silence, in my opinion, is not advantageous to either of us. WHY should we not work together to manage our time? I've been told, there isn't a need for backseat or passenger seat driving. Check this out, there is when you're lost, and I'm riding with you. Amen.

An absolute rebuke to the art of shut uppage is when there is a need for help, either for self or ANYone else. If you see something, you say something. We cannot continue to live in a 'it's not my business' society. Use wisdom and get involved. You may save a life.

Now, here's where I believe shut ups should be switched on;

• Provocative/messy social postings. Let it go. Folks want to engage in public nonsense, let them. Do not argue with a fool, we won't be able to tell the two of you apart.

• That desire to be right about EVERYTHING. It ain't sexy. Had to learn how to just be quiet sometimes. I'm not suggesting we should dumb it down, but every conversation does not necessitate our spewing all the miscellaneous information our brain has stored on any given topic. HuRsh.

• That last word struggle. Folks, get a stand down AND a shut up in yo spirit. There is no need to put your period on the end of every conversation. It's exhausting - to everyone involved. Stahhhhp.

This list could continue on either side, however, I've decided to practice the art. Shutting up. Now.