That's what Stuart Scott did until the Creator called him home last Sunday. It's remarkable how our lives can be impacted by folks in front of a television camera. 

I was (reluctantly) introduced to Stuart's charm, years ago by a male friend who insisted on watching Sports Center. After listening to his flow for a couple of minutes, I was all in! I've always been a sports lover, but listening to Stuart's blow by blow was as entertaining as any game he was recapping. The vernacular he used made me feel like I was chatting with the homie. The very cute, smart, well dressed homie. Ijs. Stu was kinda fOine, but I digress...

After learning of Stuart's health challenges, I came to admire his strength, tenacity and faith. He worked hard, loved his family hard, trained hard and fought hard. His passion for sports and determination to LIVE in the face of cancer was heroic. He said "eff cancer!" every time he picked up a jump rope or put on a boxing glove or showed up for work. The sadness I feel about his transition is palpable. I know his body is free from disease, but this hurts. 

We miss and love you, Stuart. Rest in paradise, brother. Show the angels that cooler than the other side of the pillow swag. Boo ya forever!