still resolved?

Hi curvy curlies! These first two months have been an amazing start to the New Year. I have lived to celebrate another bornday, worked my eighth GRAMMYs awards show, and things are manifesting for CGNC, that I never dreamed of! The Creator is so faithful! 

I thought I would do a quick check-in with you to offer encouragement and to seek some for myself - I could really use it. I love coffee and I gave up all things caffeine on January 8. The benefits of this life change have been tremendous and swift. My body seems to be happy that I gave up that delicious, aromatic, energy stirring, warm with a shot of cream, elixir. I miss it so, but the havoc it was wreaking on my sleep patterns and hormonal spikes was BANANAS. It dawned on me, if I could give up something I enjoy this much, I can make other adjustments that will contribute to my love of self. 

I am resolved that living my best life includes the following:

  • Feeding my spirit all things LOVE.
  • Saying no, without explanation.
  • Eliminating anything in my diet that does not nourish my entire being.
  • Understanding my wanting to lose a pound or two does not diminish or negate my brand and what I stand for.

I hope you'll join me and create your own (fluid) list of self-love tactics.