season of my sisters

In honor of Women's History Month, I spent the weekend celebrating ladies I admire! I am fortunate enough to know some of the flyest, most creative and wise women on the planet. I am eternally blessed to have been invited to share their energy space over the last couple of days. 

I spent Saturday getting life nuggets from Nicole Caldwell at the book signing for TODAY, her new release. TODAY is Nicole's book of affirmations, with space to journal your feelings, reflections and thoughts. I am truly inspired by Nik's quiet tenacity in manfesting this idea. This is just the latest in a long string of entrepreneurial acheivements. Nik is also the CEO and founder of Just Glam Cosmetics.

Sunday I had the pleasure of breaking bread and vocalizing dreams with one of my mentors and tech guru, Beverly Jackson. This lady lives the life I dream of. She travels the world. Encourages others. Speaks her truth in fierce confidence and her heart is as big as the world she works to change.

I wrapped the weekend with some retail therapy at Robbi Knight-Beasley's trunk show. I had to really pace myself, because I could have walked away with half of her inventory! Robbi beads more celebrity arms than I have room to list here. Her pieces are pretty, unique and they are all handcrafted with love. 

There is something about having your soul nourished by your girlfriends. I feel excited and eager about what the future (near and far) holds for us.  I claim more than the month of March, I decalre this decade as the "season of my sisters"!