life lessons vol. III

Hey curvy curlies, it is the beginning of another week and I am ready to face it with vigor! I WILL operate out of a space of love and care for myself, first. I WILL recognize (what appears to be) animosity, consternation and/or hostility directed at me is not my problem. I WILL stay the course. 

I am able to affirm these things, because along this (lifelong) healing and transformational journey, I have learned:

  • Our time is precious. Be sure to spend it in a manner that uplifts and sustains your community (neighborhood, family, friends), nourishes your soul, and, leaves a mark on the universe. 
  • Lessons take as long as they take to learn them. We may revisit the same lesson a time or two.
  • Unpacking baggage does not happen in one sitting. 
  • We are who God says we are. Our worth is not determined by how others experience us.
  • Affirmations are self talk that encourage the spirit. Be sure to speak them daily.