Hi curvy curlies! I pray your Sunday is blissful and full of light and life. Mine is full of work, light, and life, but I am holding gratitude in my heart.  

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a yoga clinic, hosted by Lifeaholik, in Inglewood, CA. Lifeaholik is a Los Angeles based active-living brand, founded by Fire Captain, Tyrone Davis. The Lifeaholik mission is to encourage people to tap into their unlimited potential by exploration of all things active-living and metaphysical. 

Saturday's yoga practice was led by Purusha Hickson. Purusha's approach to yoga is thoughtful, safe and thought provoking. His guided practice felt very natural, tranquil and painless enough for all levels. One of the things Purusha urged us to do throughout the class, was to be present. If you are familiar with meditation, you understand that dumping your brain and holding the moment as you follow your breathing is what brings you back to center. It is the art of being. In the being, there is some doing. When your mind wonders off, you have to do the work of bringing it back. I had to do my part and get to yoga class at 8am on a Saturday (ahem). There is a lot of doing, but the being is a gift. 


Life is a constant do be do, but here's my short list;

  • DO set intentions
  • BE authentic (it'll bless you when you get free)
  • DO find a space to serve (more on this in future blogs)
  • BE present
  • DO extend grace
  • BE the change you want to see (real talk)