the Obama effect

Hey y'all! I have been so busy seeing the world and working on passion projects, I've not taken the time to write in months. This morning I have something to get off my chest. 

In just over three short weeks, we will have a new President. Yep, Sasha, Malia 'nem are moving out. Get your mind around it. One of the most beautiful, relatable first families is leaving us after 8 years.

It kind of feels like those heart pangs you get after spending the holidays with your favorite cousin or saying goodbye to big mama when the family reunion is over. That's how it feels for those of us who witnessed our brown brother from Chicago swag into the White House for two terms. Those of us who cried with pride the first time our (any) brown brother was elected as POTUS. Those of us who celebrated his amazing victories. Those of us who agonized at his shortcomings and the blockades in his way, but still held him up. That's how we feel. CLEARLY, there are many others who do not share these sentiments. 

The hatred for our brown brother and his beautiful, melanated family has brought us right up, face to face with the most openly racist, sexist, backwards ass behaviors in my life.  A lot of it at the prodding and provoking of Donald Trump. How in the entire heavens did this bigot get this far in a presidential race? Hatred, my friends. That is how.

Folks can say their support of Trump is solely because of their opposition to Hilary, and maybe it is, but what kind of reasoning is that in the face of his outrageousness? And listen, my thoughts about the Clintons demands a dedicated piece, but that is not what I'm addressing here. I am speaking to the horrendous behaviors displayed at Trump rallies, where people of color have been called "nigger" and punched in the face. Women of color have been mocked, pushed, kicked, and spit on - by white men. Women have been denigrated and made fun of because of their appearance. Trump himself has made some of the most vile remarks about protected classes of people - ever. Yet, he is who some people believe is the more viable choice to run our country. Where are we? What planet is this?

This is what pussy grabbing Trump thinks (and speaks) of us:

fat hackers

mexican rapists

uneducated, no job having, living in the "inner city" negroes

ugly pig

God help us. For real. That is a real plea to the Most High. Thanks Obama (insert sarcasm). Thanks for taking us to such extreme highs and leaving us scraping the very bottom of the barrel.