make room

Hey curvy curlies! I trust you are well and enjoying the summer.  I am in an interesting space in my life and it is amazing! Full of love, light, reflection and planning. Something amazing happens when you fall in love with yourself - the universe opens up and draws all things fabulous to you.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to purge and organize my closet(s). It was a terribly tedious and time-consuming task, but it was necessary - crucial even, for my sanity. After removing way too many bags of stuff that I haven't worn in years, cannot fit anymore, or were completely outdated and hanging among my things for nostalgia sake, I felt so much lighter. I was able to actually walk into my closet without tripping over baskets of clothes and shoes in disarray (don't judge me). Secondly, being able to bless others was/is a feeling that cannot be matched.

During the process of purging, I was subconsciously drawn to readings about a 10-day smoothie detox/cleanse. Interesting how one act of cleansing often leads to the next, because honestly, when our space is cluttered, I believe it is indicative of other areas of our lives. I finished the cleanse a few days ago and I feel great, but it was not without its challenges. The first couple of days, the caffeine withdrawals were brutal. Headaches and nausea tried to take a sista out! I was cranky and unfocused. But by day four, I was rocking - working out and focused on some projects that I had not been able to complete, previously. So many of us get in the habit of being so busy that we neglect our temples. Work trumps workouts. We reach for what is easy and feed ourselves processed garbage that does more damage than good. Listen, It is a constant act of my will and a mindset shift to do the right thing, but the cleanse definitely helped me to think differently about these areas of self-care. 

In addition to the physical and space cleansings, I realized I was subconsciously creating boundaries around being with people who do not serve the greater good of my life. I want my conversations and social interactions to be angst and drama free. My tribe is made up of people focused on serving the (global) community. Do we like to laugh, listen to good music, enjoy food and wine? Absolutely! Do we have petty moments? Sure. But our common thread is service. When people deplete your energy and distract you from your calling, change must occur. Sound selfish? I actually do not care. There comes a point in our lives that our God ordained appointment, self-care and protection of our sanity must outweigh the sense of obligation to other folks' agendas. Real talk. You may not be there. Keep on living. In the meantime, do yourself a favor; take inventory of your friends list (real life and social). Purge, just like you would your closet. 

For years I've heard about the benefits of detoxing. Well, the detoxing I have done has made room. Room in my closet for comfort.  Room in my mind for creativity. Room in my heart for true love.