social media etiquette; my rules

Let's jump right in:

  • DO NOT SHARE MY (personal) POSTS OR ANYONE ELSE'S WITHOUT PERMISSION. Clear? Telling me you're sharing my post and asking me are two different things. If someone's Facebook post is not marked "public", it should NOT be shared. Period. The entire point of privacy settings is to manage who can see what is posted. You may have the capability to share it, but if I'm not rocking with anyone else on your "friends" list, guess what, they can't see it anyway. If it is something that really moves you, ASK to share it.
  • Do not have a private conversation in a public forum. Some of you are so pressed to let others know about your intimate connection with someone, you just put all your business (and theirs) out there. Stop it.
  • If you don't have anything constructive to write in comments, stfu. 
  • Stop taking folks pictures, cropping them AND adding filters to change the look and feel. You want to fall out with me or get blocked, this is a sure way to make it happen.
  • If you share/repost/retweet, give credit where credit is due. LOTS of y'all have whole Instagram accounts full of other folk's content and haven't acknowledged nary a source.
  • Give photo credit for professional pictures ESPECIALLY if you have not paid for the photo. I am an offender of this rule with personal photos, because I often forget. Check me when I do.
  • If you share something without knowing its original source, cite who you are sharing it from. Always appropriate to indicate "tag source" if you are unsure.
  • STOP spamming chain letters and nonsense to your friend's inboxes. Stop it.
  • Do use private messaging for personal information. Everything is not meant for public consumption. Pray for discernment.
  • All posts in all caps are obnoxious.  
  • Have a business? Create a business page and drive traffic there for your promotions.  
  • Make your band/brand/business pages public.  
  • Know that it is ok to "like" or even "love" your own posts.
  • Google. Amen.