have to - get to​

CurvyCurlies! It’s been a long time. I pray this writing finds you all doing well! I am so energized and excited about the coming year.

2018 tested a sista, FO RE AL. Losses, work trauma, relationship stretches...listen, I truly learned what I was made of and I don’t believe we ever stop being tested. The glory in the tests though? The lessons we learn when forced out of a space of comfort and the victory we experience after replacing resistance with gratitude. 

True growth occurs when we open our hearts and minds to new experiences. This may all sound cliche, but I promise, these simple words and reminders will help us live our best lives.

Transformation begins with shifts in mentality. Small shifts like; “I get to workout at 6:00a.m” instead of “I have to wake up an hour earlier”. “I get to be fiscally responsible”, instead of “I can’t buy new things because I have to save money”.

The shifts inevitably lead to stretches. A stretch might be as simple as trying that red lipstick you think is too bright or taking yourself on a lunch date - just yourself, your smile and an intention to overcome the fear of eating alone. Our stretches are personal to us, because comfort zones differ from person to person. 

I challenge you to start this week with the goal of doing a new thing. Something that makes you uncomfortable. Something your inner child would do without a second thought! Unlock the goddess warrior within you.  





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